How the cloud brings efficiency and integration to your small business

How the Cloud Brings Efficiency and Integration to Your Small Business

Cloud computing has given small business owners the ability to get incredibly drilled-down control over their financials and business information.

57% of larger US small businesses and 38% smaller businesses use or plan to use, web-based or subscription-based software to run their businesses. And this move to cloud software as the foundation for small business systems is a trend with big implications for the efficiency and integration of your software tools and solutions.

64% of small business owners already use an average of three cloud-based solutions, and this move towards online tools and apps is a worldwide trend that’s growing quickly. But with the cloud ecosystem growing, there are an ever-expanding number of apps to choose from and ever-more specific and specialized tools that your business could be using – and that can make choosing the right apps a complex and (potentially) confusing task.

So it’s vital that small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs learn to understand the importance of seamless integration between these multiple business solutions. And that’s why we’ve put so much effort into helping our small business clients create customized cloud systems that deliver the maximum value for their needs.

Cloud integration is everything

The integration of accounting platforms, business apps, and cloud-based tools has changed the landscape for small business owners.

For minimal outlay, and a bunch of low-cost monthly cloud software subscriptions, you can create a hugely powerful business system – a system that improves your business’s efficiency and makes your life a whole lot easier. Your business runs more smoothly and you can put the time saved by doing the important profit-driving tasks, such as customer meetings, strategic planning and long-term business development (or go fishing, if what you really need is a break!).

But the sheer volume and choice of cloud tools mean that many small businesses are struggling to catch up with this quantum shift in software.

Partnering with a cloud specialist

We recognize the challenge of switching your business to the cloud, and we love helping our clients to make the leap as effectively as we can. We work with over 500 businesses, and we’ve helped all of them feel the benefits of a cloud platform.

The key to successful cloud implementation is a razor-sharp focus on the integration and customization of your apps and solutions.

By linking your software together, improving the flow of data and speeding up your processes we can save you hours of unproductive admin time. The more efficient we can make your business systems, the more time there is for our team to provide coaching and cloud-specific training, or to share our strategic actionable insights on the future direction of your business.

It makes your life better, it makes our lives better, and we can then work together better as your accountants. It forms a strong, informed relationship that gets you better long-term results – and that’s why you engage us, after all.

An obsession with efficiency and integration

If you’re already an advocate for systemization and business efficiency, you’ll form a more productive relationship with an accountant who’s similarly obsessed with the cloud’s potential for efficiency and software integration.

As a small business owner, we know you’ll be passionate about getting the maximum from every element of your business – and that makes you the kind of ambitious, forward-thinking type of person we love working with.

Our team is a diverse and entrepreneurial group of business advisors. We believe in a collaboration that engages our clients and their specific needs while offering insights that enable sound financial decisions that secure your business for future generations.

We accomplish this by using the latest in technological offerings to promote transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness. When you combine these cutting-edge software tools with our own knowledge and experience, we believe your business achieves the full potential that’s inherent in the cloud.

Find out how to maximize efficiency in the cloud

Every owner-managed business wants to maximize efficiency and profitability and minimize the administrative workload that goes into delivering this.

If you’ve got big plans for your small business and are considering moving your systems to the cloud, please do come and talk to us at Polay+Clark. We share your passion for effective solutions and we know how to help you customize your software tools to push your business towards a bigger and brighter future.

Get in touch with us and let’s see how basing your business in the cloud makes it easier to aim for the stars.

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