Changing your perception of the value of a CPA

Changing Your Perception of the Value of a CPA

Are you ready to change your perception?

You’ve gotten used to working with your CPA in a certain way. You send them your bills and receipts, they sort out your accounts and tax each year and you pay their fee for these services.

But there’s a new way of working with your accountant that adds a whole lot more value for your business. It’s a working relationship that’s founded on the benefits of cloud technology and all the efficiencies it adds for you as a busy business owner.

So are you ready to change your perceptions of how your business can work – and experience the new levels of business advise your CPA can offer you?

Adding more value for your business

When you work with a traditional bookkeeper or old-school accountant, you get the basics done. Your accounts are reconciled, a profit & loss is produced, and your tax return gets sent to the IRS on time. The fundamentals are covered.

But in this modern age of cloud-based accounting, there’s a whole ecosystem of helpful cloud business tools that your CPA can utilize, meaning we can do far more than just balance your books.

As a modern cloud practice, we’ve embraced this approach. And we can take you way beyond those compliance basics to help you improve your business systems, increase your profitability and get more strategic in your long-term planning.

For example, here are just a few areas where we can help your business:

  • Removing the data-entry burden – the latest breed of smart-scanning data apps allow you to take a quick photo of your expense receipts, automatically save the documents and then pull the numbers as data into your accounts software – just imagine the time this saves!
  • Better business intelligence – cloud accounting gives us instant access to your numbers. And with a product like Microsoft PowerBI linked to Xero online accounting, we have the ability to bring you incredibly detailed reporting and forecasting on the financial health of your business
  • Managing your security – keeping your online passwords safe is an increasingly tricky problem. With a cloud password product, like LastPass, we help you set up a password vault that protects your online accounts with one easy-to-remember password.

Let us change your perception of CPAs

At Polay+Clark, our team are focused on helping you manage every element of the day-to-day running of your small business.

The foundation for this is our understanding and belief in the power of the cloud. We use a wide range of different cloud products to assist you –you can find out more about the cloud ecosystem here.

We’re not the kind of accountant you see once a year when it’s tax season: we’re a valued partner for your business, who’s there to help you switch to a cloud approach to business management – providing value all year round, whenever you need it.

Give us a call and let us convince you just how useful a cloud accountant can be.


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